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Global Outreach

Integrated Play Groups-Global Outreach!

We are actively engaged in global outreach as human rights advocates to afford individuals with autism equal access to social inclusion in play, recreation and cultural experiences. Given the universal nature of play, the IPG model’s principles and practices have been embraced by many cultures and naturally adopted by communities around the world. Efforts to date have included supporting families and professionals through educational exchange and collaboration with government and NGO/non-profit agencies at the local, national and international level.

IPG Inspirations Around the World


As development efforts are raising autism awareness in Africa, the IPG model has become known in some countries...

In Kenya, the Meru North Disability Community Centre has adapted the IPG model in this heartwarming program
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Children in Kenya Playing

EmbraceKultur is an NGO that is engaged in similar efforts to raise awareness and support inclusion.


The IPG model has been introduced to many countries in Asia...
China/Hong Kong - Indonesia - Korea - Malaysia - Philippines - Singapore - Taiwan - Thailand
Here are some highlights:

Autism Recovery Network (ARN)
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IPG Pilot Projects in Taiwan with Malaysia - National Taipei Teachers College
Outcomes of Published Research
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The IPG model has been introduced to many countries in Europe...
Belgium - Denmark - France - Germany -Holland - Ireland - Portugal - Sweden - United Kingdom (England, Scotland)
Here are some highlights:

Germany - University of Rostock-Institut für Sonderpädagogik
Integrated Play and Drama Groups in Hamburg and Rostock
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Sweden - Stockholms Universitet
Introducing the IPG Model
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Latin America

Many countries in Central and South America have learned about the IPG Model, which has inspired practices...
Argentina - Costa Rica - Mexico - Panama
- Peru and more...

North America

The IPG Model has been introduced throughout North America, including many parts of Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchawan) and coast-to-coast to nearly all 50 of the United States...
Here are some highlights:

Friend 2 Friend (F2F) Social Learning Society
Vancouver, B.C., CANADA

IPG Programs (F2F Play Centres)
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IPG Programs (School-Based)
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San Francisco Bay Area

Developmental Pathways for Kids
IPG and Sensory Integration
DPK Girls

work in progress
Oceania - Australia

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